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BMOS enhancements based on user-feedback

  • Products will be easier to find and to order;
  • Searching using “normal” street addresses will be available;
  • Air photos are available in digital format – the original film will be scanned at high resolution (~2000 DPI) on a mapping-quality scanner;
  • Orthophotos may be ordered in a MrSID format with the benefit that they will be delivered as a much smaller file;
  • BMOS supports both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3;
  • Map navigation tools have been moved directly over the map image for clarity.
We are currently resolving technical problems which prevent the display of air photos from 2008 to the present within the Base Map Online Store. In the meantime, we are able to provide the following viewer which includes all air photos acquired from 2000 to the present. Where available, the reduced-resolution images presented in this viewer may be freely viewed, downloaded and printed, although the full copyright remains with the Province of British Columbia.  To order full-resolution airphotos from 2008, or later, note the roll and frame numbers of the photos in which you are interested and order them using the optional text-input box in the Base Map Online Store Air Photo order screen and use the 'Add Directly to Cart' button.
Airphoto Viewer displays printable  BC Airphoto Viewer
Download Google Earth

The BC Airphoto & Ortho Viewers require that you have Google Earth installed on your computer.

Download a free version from Google Earth.


How to order Base Map Online Store products:

Air Photos: written instructions and screen shot images

Orthophotos: written instructions and screen shot images

TRIM Positional Maps: written instructions and screen shot images

Raster Maps: written instructions and screen shot images (Free Product)


For assistance, please contact the GeoBC Service Desk.

This online service allows you to order and purchase Land and Resource products from the Base Map Online Store. A complete list of products and services is available on our products page.

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